New Beach, Outdoor & Garden products

Summer is around the corner and I can’t wait to lie in the sun. Let it be on the beach, in the garden or why not, on my balcony!

This summer you can find in my society6 shop new beach and picnic related items and I’m so excited to present you a part of my Summer Collection here.

So, what can you use on your balcony or in your garden if the beach is far away? The Sling chairs and the Picnic blankets for sure! Below you can see my latests designs and if you click on the title you will discover more variations.

And on the beach the following Sun shades are a blessing. They are huge, made of durable, woven polyester, and are water resistant and UV coated to protect against fading. Cool stuff. Pun intended.

What about the tiny wooden Folding Stools? They are cute and are also water resistant. Besides that, they can be used as an extra chair at home when needed.

Browse the collection and enjoy the summer!

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