Dana Du

I’m Dana Du, a Textile Print Designer (still) living in Romania. I’m an experienced web designer who used to be more excited about the code and less about the design output, but I have always had a keen eye for visual details in my personal life.

Being connected to design and always feeling tempted to dive in deeper, I decided to study Design & Multimedia at Link Academy. So I switched from code to graphic design, specialising in pattern making, fabric printing and product design. I continuously study design history and I am fascinated by the roaring design eras of the past – the Art Deco’s geometric sleek shapes, the retro vibrant colors Atomic Age stylized design, mid-century’s soft tints and fluid shapes, the bold designs and loud colors of the ’70s and the joyful, neon-style colors of the ’80s. I think you can feel a little bit of this and a little bit of that, or their clear presence, in my designs.


I scribble and I doodle, I dive into colors, I sketch and I measure, I draw and I paint, I cut and I sew, I play with textures and I chase shades, I contemplate and I calculate, I love crafts and crochet, I drink a lot of coffee and I listen to music.

And I transform the works in colorful and modern surface pattern designs for Home Decor and Fashion items, products I showcase on this website and that are for sale on several international online shops.


In my first year of surface patterns making I managed to get my work licensed by a school supplies production company and a big brand in my country – PIGNA Romania. I designed more than 10 product mockups with labels, pins and patterns for a backpack collection. Below you can see the designs we agreed upon.

In my second year of pattern design, home decor items and fashion fabrics I was proud to be featured in the famous printed HGTV Magazine (US & Canada), in a Winter edition of Spoonflower Magazine, and on the Instagram’s account of a Print Shop.

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That’s what I would continue to do. I am open for collaborations with even big or small businesses in Fashion or Home Decor industries. In case of being interested, please visit the Shop, the Portfolio section of the site, my LinkedIn profile, and if you like my works feel free to contact me for licensing existing textile patterns or for working together on bespoke commissioned designs. And if you need help with your website, maybe I can give you a hand in that direction, too.